Breakfast Potatoes and Sugar Cookie Cupcakes

In the first edition of 2 Idiots in a Kitchen, Blakely and Jaclyn tackle the wonderful combination of breakfast potatoes and sugar cookie cupcakes.


First off, the potatoes:

While Jaclyn skillfully wielded the knife, all passerbys were lucky to escape with all limbs as Blakely attempted to slice and dice the potatoes. Nevertheless, the potatoes were prepared without any loss of blood and put into the oven to be goldened to perfection.Image






Meanwhile, the cupcake batter was prepared with only a minor slipup of spilling some flour in a nearby lunchbox, but thankfully cupcakes do not require knives. These were also baked to maximum fluffiness before being removed to cool and enjoy.



Due to laziness, no frosting was prepared for the cupcakes, and the jar of fluffy white pre-packaged was used instead. Still just as enjoyable.




Here are the recipes used in this edition:


Sugar Cookie Cupcakes:



Stay tuned to find out what they will make next time!





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