Be One With the Banana

After much deliberation, the foods decided upon for this week’s edition of 2 idiots in a kitchen were banana bread and avocado & pomegranate crostini–slightly healthier choices compared to last time’s potatoes and cupcakes.


Blakely began with the banana bread.




Mashing the bananas with her hands was more fun than using any other tool to do so, and she even deemed them good exfoliators.

DSC_2082 DSC_2083 DSC_2084


To properly make banana bread, one must “become one with the banana.” Otherwise, the banana bread will not turn out properly.

DSC_2085 DSC_2086

Into the pan the mixture goes.


Oh crap. “How essential is the vanilla?” Back out of the oven to add the vanilla extract.


Despite the 3 minutes of baking before vanilla addition, the bread turned out very pretty.

DSC_2088 DSC_2089 DSC_2090

Let’s see what guest food critic, Jennifer, has to say about the bread.

DSC_2092 DSC_2093 DSC_2094


After careful deliberation, the banana bread was given a 7.5 out of a possible 10.

These were her comments:

Appearance: Light brown, slightly charred brown outsides, 6 out of 10 for appearance

Texture: Light, soft, 7 out of 10 for texture

Taste: 8 out of 10, “I now like banana bread.”

(The overall ranking is not an average of scores. There is a much too complex formula used to compute the overall that would take 12 more posts to describe.)


Next up: the Avocado & Pomegranate Crostini by Jaclyn

We begin with mixing sliced avocado, lime juice, salt, pepper, and pomegranate seeds.


Brown the bread slightly after brushing with olive oil and adding salt, much to Blakely’s liking.

DSC_2096 DSC_2097

Feta cheese was later added to allow Blakely the option of tasting some without cheese as cheese repulses her.

DSC_2098 DSC_2099 DSC_2100


Once again, these were ranked by guest food critic Jennifer. Keep in mind she does not like new foods usually.

“Wait. I don’t eat the seeds, right?”


Appearance: Bright, vibrant, 7 out of 10

Texture: Crunchy crostini, makes sense, 7 out of 10

Taste: Bright, tart, 6 out of 10

Overall: 7 out of 10, “Good for me not liking new things”


Recipes used:

Banana bread

Avocado & Pomegranate Crostini